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Comprehensive and customized distribution services for all of store operations and marketing needs

Trusted by hundreds of major retailers across the globe, Bunzl Retail Services provides on-time, in-full delivery of all supplies, packaging, and other not-for-resale goods through a sustainably-sourced supply chain—and it delivers them to retailers in whatever way they need, from direct-to-store to cross-dock delivery. Goods-not-for-resale include packaging and other store supplies and a full range of cleaning and hygiene products, to retail chains, boutiques, department stores, home improvement chains, office supply companies and related e-commerce sales channels.

Plus, Bunzl Retail Services’ specialized retail distribution services provide value-added logistics, warehouse operations, procurement, demand planning, replenishment, and account management. In addition, Bunzl provides consolidation and kitting services for new store and remodel programs; visual marketing and POS signage coordinated rollouts; reverse logistics; and, deconsolidation. Bunzl Retail Services also helps retailers create, source and deliver packaging—one of the most important parts of a retail store’s supply. 

Focused exclusively on retail—supported by the global distribution network of one the world’s largest supply distributors

Bunzl Retail Services is a division of Bunzl, PLC, a provider of one-stop-shop, on-time and in-full specialist distribution services across more than 30 countries, supplying a broad range of internationally and responsibly sourced non-food products to a variety of market sectors. Bunzl is driven through its core values of humility, responsiveness, creativity, diversity, customer-centricity, reliability, and transparency. Bunzl also works to ensure a customer-centric service model; simplification and efficiency; local agility and knowledge; value-add services and expertise; and, sustainable and responsible solutions. 

Committed to a sustainable and equitable global supply chain

Bunzl believes it has a responsibility to support its customers in determining and delivering their strategies, including their sustainability strategies and equity commitments. Bunzl collaborates with companies to reduce their single use plastic footprint and transition to more sustainable products. Its framework for sustainability includes a responsible supply chain, an investment in a diverse workforce, action on climate change, and sustainable solutions for its customers.

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